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Miss Universe 2010 National Costumes Awards
Congrats to Philippines making it to the top 5. I must say that she picked the wrong judge. 4 out of the 5 questions were debates while she got the "WHAT MISTAKE DID YOU MAKE?" Too bad  so sad. Oh well. At least Philippines is not on the worst list of costumes this year.

I'm gonna start with the good ones. The ones that I thought were awesome.

I'm giving the KICKASS COSTUME to Thailand. (In my opinion, this is the best costume I've ever seen in Miss Universe history.) It's just that awesome. I knew everybody would love it. It's just that awesome. Reminds me of Soul Calibur a lot.


The edible costume award goes to Ukraine. Every straight health-conscious man's dream; to eat wheat off a woman.I actually love this. And the hair style. Gotta love that as well.

Miss Ireland is ready to go to the Renaissance Fair. Woo! Now that's how you do it. Work it out! This costume is a major improvement from last year's.

Thank you Venezuela for not going traditional like the rest of the Latin countries (and also Philippines). Miss Venezuela comes from the future and in the future, Lady Gaga is God.

I don't think I've ever seen Miss USA's costume looked this good. The past ones have always sucked. Not this year! We have the best strippers here in America.

Oh Miss Georgia! I love your high fashion costume. It's just awesome. That pose you do and those red shoes. There's no place like Georgia I guess.



Tanzania airlines have stripper poles apparently.

After the show, Miss Lebanon is heading to the Ren Faire only to lose to Miss Ireland.

Miss Poland declared that her country's name shall be changed to POkemonLAND. Gotta catch 'em all.

Poor Zambia, Not only did she have to wear gourd bras but she had phallic shaped gourds on her skirt as well.

Miss Croatia, "like omg. anybody want beads? anybody want shots? like yeah...teehee..."

I think I feel sorry more for Miss Slovenia. She literally had to crawl from the streets to get to the pageant.

And the ghetto stripper "HEEEEEEEY!" costume goes to Guyana. Rawr! She'll be giving five dollar BJs after the pageant.

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