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This was tougher than I thought. The list could have kept goin and goin but I had to cut it down. Alot could have made the Top 5 but this will do for now. (This is actually easier than Top Muse Song List) < that is like a whole new category > That would be much harder for me cause I love lots of their songs =equally=

But for now. Here is the Top 5 Muse Videos (according to me).

5. Unintended - I was going to put Starlight instead of this but ...whatever... They are all good. darn. this was hard. But anyways... I love this video cause it's like a moving Salvador Dali artwork.

4. New Born - I like how they are rockin' it (sideways).

3. Bliss - This looks fun. Plus... I love anything to do with astronomy. (Has anyone seen my UNIVERSE PHOTOS? You'll know what I mean in the end of this video.

2. Sing For Absolution - This could have been my number one since I love anything to do with outer space stuff. love love love this video. reminds me of Halo in the beginning too. such an epic music video.

1. Invincible - I couldn't take my eyes off the first time I saw this. I wanted to see every detail on the surrounding. This video tells somewhat of a history timeline. It's a really great message. There's alot of things going on around but I love how simplistic Muse is. They are just riding on the boat rockin' it. Very classic. Recalling from one of my blog posts, I got really emotional when I saw this.

Ps: I'd love to ride on that.